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See our publications page for details of our third book :-
Past Memories of Warsop Vale & Warsop Main Colliery, now on sale.

Warsop Vale

a small typical former mining village originally of some 220 terraced houses, is located in northern part of Nottinghamshire.

Close to the Derbyshire border and approximately 5 miles north of Mansfield. The colliery which came into production in 1898 and was proved to be a very productive enterprise throughout its life, has now unfortunately closed and the site reclaimed. Extensive redevelopment of the residential properties is now almost complete.

Warsop Vale Local History Society

Following the publication of the first book about Warsop Vale, its residents and its Colliery in the Millennium year 2000, the Warsop Vale Local History Society was formed to bring together both present and former residents and to continue the good work of researching and recording the history of the village and its people.


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