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We did have an online guest book as regular visitors to this site will know.
Unfortunatly because of SPAM the guest book became virtually unusable and we have had to take it off line.

You can still send your messages through by email to comment(at)warsopvale.org (replace the (at) with the usual @) but it will take a little while to be displayed.


I went to Warsop Vale school in 1969, having moved to Sookholme for a short while with my parents.  I have very fond memories of the school and my teacher, Mrs. Ledbeater/Ledbetter was wonderful.  At the time they taught a very strange method of spelling that was based on phonetics (I imagine it was short-lived) and so, at the age of eight, my spelling was atrocious!  I clearly remember the segregated playground with the boys on one side and the girls on the other, and the fantastic Christmas party in the school hall with a magician, party food and presents.  My parets moved us to Clowne on Christmas Eve of 1969 and I cried because I didn't want to leave the school or the wonderful rural playground that had been mine for that one short summer.
I have lived in the USA for the past thirty years but today I visited my parents and decided to take a nostalgic drive around my old hunting ground.  Very sad to see the old school derelict and draped with vines but happy that Sookholme has become somewhat gentrified with our old tithe cottage now a Koi Carp centre!
I would love to hear from anyone who was at the school in 1969 and with whom I might have enjoyed those happy memories. And if anyone has any photos from that period, please post them!
Simon Temprell

I hope you can help, I just wish to post a comment in the hope that people may have any photo's of my dad that passed away a number of years back. Ian Lovely (Lugs) worked at Warsop Main for a number of years so I am reaching out to anyone who happened to be a mate of his. As I've got very limited photo's of him I'd be interested to look at any that people may have... I know it's a long shot but it's worth a try.

Many thanks in advance.Regards,

 It gave me great pleasure tinged with sadness to find your site.
To see the photographs of former colleagues in the Electrical Dept.,many of  no longer with us, reminded me of the many laughs we shared prior to my changing careers in 1967.
My regards to Alan who I understand is an active member, perhaps we may meet up in the 'Swing 'one evening
David Gibbons
My names Derek Bearder and I lived at no 97 king St from Jan 1952 to august 1973, ours was a typical family mum Evelyn bearder dad Ron bearder1 daughter Margaret and three sons,Ron,Dave&derek(of which I'm the youngest.
I was educated at warsop vale primary school and then at burns lane then the new school opened the meden school,
My memories of warsop vale are as clear today as they were back then,school dinners ,lumpy potatoes,frog spawn etc,club trips to cleethorpes,skegness etc and of course the annual hols to skeggy.
All wonderful times and great friends,I remember running errands ,fetching the divvy for some people from the coop etc.I remember playing on the pit tip the airiel tip ,hills and hollers three bridges sookholm lane and cows field bookers pond etc,the vale being a typical mining village,was a haven for friends and neighbours alike,everyone trusted each other and rallied round if anyone was in trouble or was short of anything.when winter came and snow fell we would clear the yards and paths of the old folk,but the fondest memories are of all the games we used to play,from dawn till dusk most days,we always knew when it was tea time though.we wern't angels by no means in fact come mischievious night we would light bull roarers up the drain pipes and take peoples gates off their hinges ,knock on doors etc,but mostly we didn't get away with it because people knew who it was,but most took it in good part.if anyone has any school photos of the primary school around 1957 onwards I would be very pleased if they could email em to derekbearder(at)ntlworld.com.
Many regards and thanx for the memories

Hello all,

My family lived at rock house in the late sixties until we emigrated to South Africa in 1970. My late father was Alan Cuthbert and my mother jean.
Even though i was very young at the time only five, i have fond memories of helping our gardener George in the large vegetable garden at the time, which i see now is all lawns.
If anyone has, pictures of any kind of rock house i would be grateful if they could share them with me.
Neil Cuthbert
0834003990(at)mtnloaded.co.za {South Africa}

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this site. My grandparents lived in Warsop Vale and my grandad worked down the pit. He was Jim Poultney. I started down Wellbeck mine in 1957. I went to Burn Lane School. I found the site fascinating especially seeing the photograph of my uncle and aunt outside the village newsagent.

I am Vernon Poultney and left years ago but spent almost all my working life in the Ambulance Service in Lincolnshire.

I would really like to hear from anyone who remembers me.


My Parents Alfred Warsop Parsons and Laura Carr were married in Warsop and my grandmother Harriet Carr was a great supporter of the Church.  My Uncle Ernest Carr (Dick) and my Aunty Pop Carr lived there all their lives, my aunts parents owned the Greendale Oak.  But I have very little knowledge of them - as I spent my youth in Plymouth. I still keep in touch with friends in Warsop but if Anyone remembers anything about them, could they let me know.  Angie Harris (Parsons).

Angie Harris

hi i am searching for the brennan family from your area,they are minnie boyd brennan and her son thomas born 1942 in belfast father died in ww2 any info on this family would be great.

many thank's
alex brennan.

Paulette Rasmussen
17 Aug 2007

 I am looking for information on Daisy Warsop B 1889 and Died 1986  Married and divorced from my husbands Uncle Rudolph Rasmussen, Daisy married Percy Hollister so it is any Hollister history I am interested in.


Bill Frew,
27 April 2007

 Hi, i went to Warsop Vale junior school in 1967 when Mr charlton was the headmaster and left in 1970 when Mr Carr was headmaster. I Started work at Warsop Main Colliery in 1975 and stayed there till it shut. I had many good friends and good years at Warsop Main.....

Lisa Tracy
24 April 2007


I once lived in Warsop vale as a child, my father is Kenneth Dunstan, he worked at the mine. we lived on hewitt street next door to denise and rob  and also next to linda and phil. My father & mother are now pub managers, but they live in langwith.

Carol Roberts
Windsor, New South Wales
14 April 2007

Thank you for such an interesting website.

I am trying to find information about my ancestors from Warsop.  My grandfather was Walter Frederick Cammack who was killed in France in April, 1918.  His name is on the war memorial near the Hare & Hounds.  My grandmother, Ellen Cammack (nee Harper), came to Australia in 1923 with their four children – Walter, Dorothy, Alfred (my father) and Frances.  I have some information about the Cammack line back to about the late 18th century, but I am wondering if any of your readers know of any school photos, books or records in existence that show if my grandfather worked in the mine.  On my father’s birth certificate, my grandfather’s occupation is shown as “Colliery Timekeeper”.


Michael Newton Clifford
2 March 2007

My family has many connections with Warsop and the following notes may revive memories and hopefully be of more general interest. 

My grandfather Frederick Arthur Newton, born at Denaby Main in 1884, was killed in a mining accident at Warsop Main in 1924.  He married Harriet Newton at Whitwell on August 26th 1907.  By 1921 they were living in Warsop Vale, and in 1923 at Wheatsheaf Terrace.  Frederick was a keen footballer and cricketer

He played twice for Chesterfield Town FC (1905 / 6 to 1906 / 7) as goalkeeper and subsequently for Whitwell St Lawrence.  He was a member of the teams that in 1921 / 1922 won the Derbyshire Football Association Competition and in 1923 the Nottinghamshire Cricket League Championship for Warsop Main. 

From 1909 to 1919 he played cricket for Derbyshire.  Best first class score 87 in first innings of 1910 match against Warwickshire at Blackwell.  In the second innings of this match two of his team-mates achieved the best ever 9th wicket stand and this remains a world record in 2006.

His elder brother Leonard Francis, known as Frank (b1882 Denaby Main), played football played for Chesterfield Town FC as centre forward on 98 occasions scoring 23 goals in 1902/3 to 1904/5.  Previously he played for Grassmoor Red Rose and subsequently for Leyton.  Frank died in Warsop in 1959.

My Godparents, Herbert and Elsie Sampson lived for much of their life in Warsop Vale, and my mother Winifred Newton worked at the Coop and Post Office there.

The Newton family has been associated with the area from at least 1550.  A direct ancestor Daniel Newton (1693–1764) farmed 500 acres and for 28 years was Coroner for Nottinghamshire and his life is commemorated in the Church of St Peter and St Paul at Warsop Vale where a memorial brass records ‘Here lies the body of Daniel Newton who was one of His Majestys coroners for this county 28 years. He departed this life May 21st 1764 aged 70 years’ http://southwellchurches.nottingham.ac.uk/w03/hmonumnt.html

I would be delighted to hear from others interested in this era, and especially if they can provide any further information about the Newton or Hind families in the area.  My family tree can be found on Genes Reunited where I am registered as ‘M’

K Paul Mellor
paul at townchurch.org.gg

Just a thank you from Paul Mellor for the back page of the June Newsletter with the Warsop sayings and about how we used to speak. Just trying them out brought back many memories of being brought up in Warsop Vale and Warsop. Thank you too for my Aunty June Everett's photographs, Uncle Harry was a keen photographer I remember and it was good to see some of the sites of my childhood.

Cheers now from sunny Guernsey.

Glad Uncle Jack is better.

David Crowther
Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales UK
19.3.2006 22:50:36
dai at talkingfish.fsnet.co.uk

Wonderful site - congratulations to all involved. I worked at Warsop Main between 1972 - 86 anl lived in the village lodging with Thirza Crowe before buying a house on Carter Lane 72-75 then 79-86. I have many memories of the colliery and the village most good (people)but some incredibly sad (events). I was a ropefitter underground and served the union as both Area Delegate and Branch Secretary.

Thank you all once again for such a wonderful site.

David Crowther

Beverly Noble
Castleford West Yorkshire
7.3.2006 10:21:26
noblebeverly at aol.com

Iwas born in Castleford but now live in Dumfries.
I am presently researching my family tree.Walter Millership
was born in Warsop Vale and went on to play for Sheffield
Wednesday and England in 1935. I find your website both
interesting and informative

Jean Weaver
24.2.2006 14:18:54
jweaver at kent-music.com

My Father Dennis Frank Sampson came form Warsop Vale

C Barker
stoke on trent
4.2.2006 11:29:48
csman at globalnet.co.uk

I am looking for information regarding my relatives who worked in the coal mines in the Warsop area.
There names were Barker and lived in Burns Lane - Warsop about 1914.
One was named Charles Henry Barker and I believe that his Brother was either Henry or William.
They originated from Stoke on Trent, First working in the Florence Mine in stoke on trent and Charles Henry returned to Florence in about 1913/4.
Is there any record of the miners names for that period?
Is there any documentation that you could point me towards?
Can you help to fill in the gaps?
ann roddy
27.1.2006 2:30:35
marycroddy at eircom.net

thmy husband worked for 31years in the mines starting his service in rufford colliery and retired in 1986.We have since moved back to ireland unfortunately my father died a few years ago. but we still want to keep in touch with the mining community.If interested e mail marycroddy@eircom.net
church warsop
20.1.2006 20:53:26
davidlovely at btinternet.com

Chris Eberhardie
Sutton , Surrey
17.1.2006 14:18:12
ceberhar at hscs.sgul.ac.uk

Congratulations on your new website. As the granddaughter of one of the villages oldest residents ,John Sampson and the daughter of John William 'Jack' Sampson I feel a great affinity to the village and the pit .
The society also has the privilege of reuniting me with my brother Dennis Frank Sampson who was to say the least the most wonderful surprise of all.
I will send in my membership form soon.
Chris Eberhardie
David Bacon
15.12.2005 17:6:11
david.bacon2 at btinternet.com

My grandfather Joseph Soar started work at Warsop main in
1900. He lived with his mother at 1 Pickards Yard.
I plan to visit Warsop next year and wonder if the
address still exists.
Diane Wilson (nee Porter)
Bridlington (born in mansfield)
2.12.2005 18:4:23
freespiritwriters at tesco.net

What a superb website.
My grandfather Arthur Porter, usually known as Jim, worked at Creswell pit and then at Warsop Main. I have some pictures of him when he retired. If you are interested I will email copies to you for the site.

lesley Sutherland
Sydney, Australia
10.10.2005 7:9:52
lasutherland at optusnet.com.au

My mother, Edna Kitson, has kept me informed of her visits
to the Society and the interesting speakers you have.
Mum has a wonderful memory and enjoys sharing information on
the many topics covered. I always enjoy listening to her
stories. I Look forward to the next historical society meeting
even though I am halfway across the world.

Lesley Sutherland

Warsop born, but an Arnold lad!
4.10.2005 18:58:39
michael.fox2005 at ntlworld.com

Smashin' site - my family, the Blockleys lived there for many years and I have some lovely memories of visiting granma and grandad in the early/mid fifties. I have some photos from that time plus earlier ones of a younger Blockley family.
Frank Nattriss
1.9.2005 20:39:28
frankchrisnatt at yahoo.co.uk

Nice to find your site, most of my family worked at the Main.some good photos...with regards Frank Nattriss
24.8.2005 11:50:16


John Moore
Golden Bay Western Australia
7.8.2005 3:12:32
jonti at iprimus.com.au

this is a very interesting site, my sister and nephew live at Medan Vale, but have only been there a couple of years,its such a shame the way time's have changed, Warsop Vale had such a good community atmosphere, it seems the folks worked hard but were on the whole happy, they were family people,and very close to neighbours and friends.sadly a lot of this has been lost but the memories cant be taken away, thank you for providing this site

David Mills
Nottingham, uk
22.7.2005 12:3:26
david.mills at nottscc.gov.uk

I'm looking forward to seeing the completed photo gallery, I've always wanted to know what thw mine and surroundings looked like prior to nationalisation and in it's heyday.
Michelle Potts
Warsop Vale
8.6.2005 15:13:5


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