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The History Society has now produced three books about the area and you can find a brief review of each below.

All three books are now available and details on how to get any or all of them is shown below:-

Book 1 & Book 2 each costs £10 and Book 3 costs £15 and can be obtained from:-

Warsop Vale Local History Society,
1 Leeming Close,
Market Warsop,
Notts. NG20 0QU
Telephone Number 01623 842566

All books purchased which need to be posted will be subject to an additional charge for post and packaging at cost.

The Hundred Years of Warsop Vale & Warsop Main Colliery (Book 1)

This first book is the story of a North Nottinghamshire colliery village from the first thoughts in 1889 about establishing a mine and sinking the shafts. Through the early days of the mine and its later developments, establishing the village and all its related infrastructure including the local school, the doctor’s surgery, the Co-op, the church and chapel, the welfare club and the public house, “The Vale Hotel”.

The book also covers the community life of the village including, the local, national and international achievements of the village sports men and women, St Johns Ambulance Brigade, mining accidents, those killed in action in the two world wars and village crime.

The book closes with the closure of Warsop Main Colliery-The End of an Era.


Memories of Warsop Vale and Warsop Main Colliery
(Book 2)

This second book covers the history and happy memories, both written and pictorial of people living and growing up in the village. Contributions and articles for inclusion in the book were provided specifically by, Mr Jack Winfield: -“Characters of Warsop Vale” and “Staveley Coal and Iron Company”, Irene Asher:- “Life in Warsop Vale”, David Cheeseman:- “Reminiscences of Warsop Vale”, Richard Crossland:- “Finger or Thumb or Rusty Bum”, Jeff Noble:- “Memories”, Harry Parratt:- “Growing up in Warsop Vale during the 1940’s” and Dennis Sampson:-“Childhood Memories of Warsop Vale”.

Members of the Warsop Vale Local History Society and other Warsop Vale veterans provided other contributions included in the book.

The book closes with a full copy of the Warsop Vale1946 Electoral Roll.

Past Memories of Warsop Vale & Warsop Main Colliery
(Book 3)

Book 3 cover
This is the third book about Warsop Vale and its associated colliery.
 The first half of this book is dedicated to the recollections and remembrances' of past residents of the village, about their life there and their visits to the local attractions and holidays on the East Coast.
  The centre section of the book is a miscellany of local information gathered over a considerable number of years.
  The latter part of the book covers the engineering, operational duties and capabilities of the equipment installed and used during the life of Warsop Main Colliery. Followed by remembrances' of Trade Unionists and Bevin Boys and finally personnel and production records which concludes with a dedication to those killed at the colliery.  



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