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New galleries added November 2016

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Conditiions in the Mining Industry up to the Middle of the 20th Century Shafts & Surface
Miners Typical Home Life in the Early Part of the 20th Century Typical Home Life
Warsop Main Colliery From Opening To Closure (1889-1989) Warsop Main 1889-1989 Pt1
Warsop Main 1889-1989 Pt2
Warsop Main 1889-1989 Pt3
Warsop Vale Gas Powered Generation Plant Gas Powered Generation
Warsop Vale Village From Its Beginning And Onwards The Village Part 01
The Village Part 02
The Village Part 03
The Village Part 04
The Village Part 05
Warsop Main Colliery Site Reclamation Projects Original Filter Bed Area
2006 Reclamation Scheme
Warsop Vale Footpath & Cycleway Network
New Galleries added November 2016 Surface Reconstruction Work at Warsop Main Colliery During the 1950's
Surface Updating & Development Work at Warsop Main Colliery During the 1970's & Early 1980's
Reconstructied Surface Plant & Facilities at Warsop Main Colliery in the 1980's
Development Underground in the DS Seam at Warsop Main Colliery During the 1970's & 1980's
Production Underground in the Deep Soft Seam at Warsop Main Colliery During the 1970's & 1980's


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