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Warsop Vale Mining Village

The future

Fortunately there is was new light on the horizon with the advent of Meden Valley Making Places that was formed by English Partnerships, East Midlands Development Agency, Mansfield & Bolsover District Councils and Leicester & South Yorkshire Housing Association.

MVMP, with government and European Community funding, are now beginning to implement the agreed plans for the village which are now well on their way to complettion.

After what appeared by some to be a slow start, the refurbishment programme has made good progress and work on the properties owned by MVMP is now complete and all are occupied either on a rental basis or part ownership. With respect to the remaining houses and associated land in Warsop Vale that was not owned by MVMP, English Partnership has used its Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) powers to purchase the remaining properties and associated land and so finally assemble the whole site as an entity. Although there were some delays with the CPO enquiry and the inspector’s official report the outcome was successful.

With this result, the master plan, which following consultations and agreements with the village residents, has now been fully implemented.

Arial View Demolition

New Bellway Homes

The master plan consists of: -

  • Demolition of properties on King Street, Hewitt Street and the North side of West Street.
  • A new development offering a mix of housing by the MVMP preferred developer, Bellway.

  • Retention and refurbishments of existing terraced properties to provide similar refurbished property for people affected by the clearance proposals, to remain in the immediate area.

All of the terraced houses in King Street, one block on each of the two Hewett Street rows and one block of the North side of West Street have now been demolished. The remainder will be demolished when the two remaining occupants have been re-housed in the new dwellings built by Bellway.

In addition to the above, Notts County Council are now implementing a phase II Warsop Main Colliery reclamation scheme which has been designed to complement the work being carried out by MVMP and eventually Bellway Homes.

This reclamation scheme will eventually provide a Community Area, Paddock and Pasture Areas, a Limestone Meadow and a Viewing Area and Access Pathways on the recovered tip.

With all this work and attention it hopefully wont be to long before the village returns to its former glory where life is good and it is a place where people want to live.

More detailed information on the history of Warsop Vale to around the time of the colliery closure can be found in the Societies book “The Hundred Year History of Warsop Vale & Warsop Main Colliery (1889-1989)”.

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