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Warsop Main Colliery 

In 1893 a large and successful coal mining and steel producing combine from Staveley in Derbyshire decided to sink a coal mine some two miles south of Langwith to help and supplement their existing industrial enterprise. The reason for the choice of a mine in this particular area was the success of the Langwith mine in the working of the prolific Top Hard Seam-a seam of high quality coal some 6ft thick. Thus, because of this, the Staveley Coal & Iron Co. leased the land from the Fitzherberts Estate for a 99-year period and Warsop Main Colliery was sunk.

The mine became productive around 1898 and proved to be a very successful enterprise by exploiting the Top Hard Seam. In 1935 it was one of, if not the most proficient mines in the country, employing some 2,500 men and boys and producing a weekly output of some 21,000 tons of saleable coal.

In 1953 a detailed proposal was drawn up to fully re-organise the mine both surface and underground including tower mounted electrically powered winding systems at an overall cost of some £2,060,000. This work, which was completed by 1960, was followed by other major projects during the following years to maintain the collieries effectiveness. Whilst all of this work was being carried out the workforce maintained the necessary productivity to ensure that Warsop Main Colliery had a long and profitable life.

Four other seams were exploited during the life of the mine, namely the High Hazel, the Main Bright, the Clowne and the Deep Soft but non of these surpassed Top Hard Seam for quality and quantity of output.

In 1985, following a cost cutting exercise, which resulted in the loss of 200 jobs, the then manager, Mr P Goodwin, announced that the pits future was secure.

How quickly things can change, by 1989 it was reported that the colliery was losing £200,000 a week and must close. The last shifts were worked around the 25 th August, demolition started in earnest on the 25 th September and on the 28 th November 1989 the second headgear fell marking the end of an era.



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